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From time to time, lovely people send me their lovely products to review. And this is where I tell you what I think. I will be as honest as possible, without being rude, and if I love a product, I will say so and will expect the supplier to be immediately sold out as you all rush out and buy it!

Revell X Ray Horse

The Tuesday Toy Review is back! After an extended Christmas break we are back with some fantastic toy reviews of some really different and exciting toys.

First up for 2011 is Revell’s new X Ray Horse, as part of their new X Ray range, which also includes a frog, tarantula, shark and crocodile.

Small boy and I were *very* excited about this one and we opened the box with glee. The basic premise is that you get half an animal, looking like normal, and the other half has transparent ‘skin’ and you have to put all the organs in and then complete the skeleton around it.

Small boy loved looking at, and fiddling with the organs and the bones. He tried to guess what they were and we then looked them up in the information booklet to see what they were, and what they did, as well as finding out some fascinating facts. Although I have to say we could probably have done without detailed descriptions of the function of a rectum and an anus. No, I am not kidding.

We did have great fun putting it together, but my one complaint about the toy is that the instructions telling you what went where were the classic example of a multi-language packaging failure. To avoid confusion, there were no words on the description, just unfathomable pictures- imagine an IKEA instruction leaflet, but ten times worse. It would have been better to have not had any instructions and just presented it as a jigsaw, as that is what we ended up doing anyway.

The X Ray horse does come with a display stand (and removeable hooves) but we didn’t get very long to display our finished work. Small girl wanted to play with the ‘pony’ and it gaily galloped away…

The X Ray horse, and Frog, Tarantula, Shark and Crocodile have an RRP of £16.99are available here

Tuesday Toy Review- Yummy Dough!

9 Nov

Have you ever heard of Yummy Dough? It is the stuff of imagination- playdough that you can cook and eat!

I was sent a packet of Yummy Dough to review, and now we are coming up to Christmas, it may be that unusual and novel gift idea you were looking for!

I have to say I approached the Yummy Dough with high expectations. I expected the dough to be the exact same consistency as playdough, and to be honest it wasn’t. To make the dough you simply need to add water, but it has to be an exact amount of water (measured with the supplied syringe). Even so, it was a little gooey for my liking. I have to say, my daughter (3) was completely unperturbed by the messiness but my son (5) did get a little weary of it sticking to his fingers after a while. Still, it was soft and malleable and you could combine colours and different bits to make interesting shapes and models. We had great fun and made some fab things, the best of which was (my) strawberry. I would love to show you a picture but unfortunately they were all scoffed very soon after emerging from the oven. They were pretty tasty I can tell you…

All in all, I was glad I got the opportunity to try Yummy Dough (and am eternally grateful to   for inventing the stuff of imagination), but would consider it an adventure in cookery rather than a true plaything. Mind you, I’m not sure you’d want to eat it if it had rolled around the carpet for a few days first…

Yummy Dough costs £7.49 and is available from Amazon (and other retailers)

Motorola MP10 Digital Baby Monitor- reviewed by Carol over at New Mummy

As a parent you always want to make sure that your child is safe and well, during the day it’s easy to keep an eye on them but at night it’s not so easy. I personally find baby monitors a good thing, they stop the guess work when your child is in bed, are they crying? Are they asleep?

I have used both analogue and digital monitors and have to say that I do prefer the digital ones. It’s not just that the sound is clearer but you don’t get any interference on the monitor, I found with the analogue one we had that you could hear the interference on both the parent and baby ends.

The Motorola Digital Baby Monitor (MBP10), is so simple to use. It takes about 5 minutes to set up and is ready to go straight away. The sound is clear and the lights on the front on the parent unit light up when you child makes a noise.
The parent unit can be plugged in to the mains or can run on battery power allowing you to move around the house with the monitor on you. If you go out of range then the unit will beep until the both units are linked back up.

It’s a simple monitor but does the job very well, I would recommend it. I had a little search at found it for  £26 on Amazonso it won’t break the bank- some Digital Monitors can be quite expensive.
Verdict? The Motorola Digital Baby Monitor is a great basic monitor at a reasonable price.

Little Bird Diary, £5.99

I actually received my Little Bird 2010 diary as a prize in a Twitter giveaway by thelovely Louisa of Dynagirl, which was doubly fab as Louisa was my first (but not oldest) Twitter friend.

I was in need of a new diary so I was highky excited to receive my bulging package through the post. The diary, even though it was a free giveaway, was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a dynagirl card, and it really did make me feel special. No, in an “I am appreciated” kind of way.

My diary is the pink version, and the material cover is tactile and lovely. The pages are plenty big enough to write down all the busy comings and goings of my children’s social lives (at 2 and 4 they are normally in a whirl of parties, playdates, library visits etc) with added columns for Things to Remember (provided you don;t forget to fill it in, or where you leave your diary) and meal ideas. There are even a stash of tear out shopping lists at the back so you can jot things down as you think of them and whip it out next time you are in Tesco (also works in other supermarkets).

A luxurious diary for fabulous women! Thanks Dynagirl 🙂


If you would like to send me a product for review, please email or give me a nudge on twitter @samthewlis.


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