Announcing my Cybermummy 2011 sponsor… sort of!

January 21, 2011 § 3 Comments

As you may recall, I posted in December looking for a Cybermummy sponsor for this year. I am delighted to be able to announce that my very generous (lovely and amazing) sponsor is…..

Kerri Lister

You may already know Kerri from Twitter where she tweets as @tidytraysUK or have seen her fab product Tidy Trays. Here’s why Kerri got involved with Tidy Trays ” Tidy Trays have introduced an innovative and unique product to the UK market. This revolutionary item will bring peace of mind to all of us who are responsible for feeding young children. This fold out tray cover will most high chair and restaurant trays and will give you reassurance that you are helping to protect your child from germs and bacteria, including H1NI virus. If your child is allergic or sensitive to certain foods, using a Tidy Tray will decrease the risk of cross contamination occurring.”

Kerri has even offered to giveaway a Tidy Tray on my other blog Food Allergy Kitchen next week for Food Allergy Week. What a gal!

But actually, Tidy Trays are NOT sponsoring me for Cybermummy.

Kerri has been secretly working on another new and exciting project and this new business is my Cybermummy sponsor. I can’t say to much at the moment, pre-launch, but let’s just say it is a way for people to get some creativity in their lives and may even end up helping soothe a political hot potato… Intrigued? Good!

Check back inFebruary for more exciting news and more details of the sponsor!

Thanks again Kerri (now everyone go and follow her on Twitter!)



Time flies…whether you’re having fun or not?!

January 16, 2011 § 4 Comments

Blimey. How are we over two weeks into January already? I have been busy behind the scenes here at mumazing and hopefully we will have a couple of fab competitions coming up very soon- Tuesday’s Toy review will give you the chance to win something StarWars and amazing….

We are also talking with a brand new and exciting company about sponsoring us to go to Cybermummy in June. Very excited and can’t wait to tell you more (watch this space…)

We have also got some great reviews coming up, including the opening of the fantabulous Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Theme Park in the Spring. What’s more, if you’d like the chance for a sneak preview you can enter the competition to win a Golden Ticket to an exclusive pre-opening event on 2 April.

But if you have been following me on Twitter, you may know that so far, the 16 days of 2011 have not been fabulous for me, but some lovely Tweeps have been helping me focus on the fact that it doesn’t mean that the whole of 2011 is automatically written off as rubbish- even now there are still a massive 349 days left to make 2011 a great year. Or not. So I would be interested to know how your 2011 has started, and what are you expecting from the year? Comments please!

The JULY Business Mum’s Blog Carnival is here!!

July 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

I am pleased and proud to be hosting this month’s Business Mum’s Blog Carnival here at Mumazing!

Just in case you haven’t read all the fantastic posts that have appeared in the previous six carnivals (and I highly recommend you go and read them if so. Well, after you have finished reading this one of course) the blog carnival is the brainchild of Helen Lindop over at Business Plus Baby. Somewhere else you need to go and read once you are done here.

Anyway, on with the show. And we have some beauties here today.

First up is the well supported Tracey-Jane Hughes from bras4mums over at her blog support4women. She embodies the spirit of being  a mum in business through helping and learning from others in her post Take Time… Or try reading a tale of two Sarahs, businessmum Sarah from Scrumptious Preserves tells us how she started up in business and fellow mumpreneur Sarah from ICT Together shares her story too.

Next up, two of my bestest buddies, Claire Willis from Snugbaby tells us about her 15 minutes of fame– and I am sure she’ll be up to an hour before long. Also, the fab Joanne Dewberry’s new blog turns the traditional SMART targets on their head, with a little help from MumUltrapreneur Susan Odev (quick plug- I am appearing on Susan’s Blogtalkradio show tomorrow, July 21st, so tune in!)

For all you foodie lovers, Libby over at Smart Talkers recounts a familiar scene at the supermarket and Chocolat a Toi’s Adetola tells us about how chocolate and networking go hand in hand.

Of course, mention chocolate and networking and Sam and Helen at Mum’s The Boss immediately jump to mind- this month read about choosing your tribe – hey I’m in ANY tribe that offers chocolate! Helen’s Twitter v Facebook post on Business Plus Baby offers a similar challenge.

But don’t go putting any eggs in baskets just yet- Antonia from family friendly working considers the option of a portfolio career and my own contribution is how even a failed retail venture can present an opportunity.

And finally, if you are feeling tired and lethargic (as I am) think about poor Sarah from Ivy House interiors, and what she did trying to make things better– to update you she raised £120 and it took her 3hrs 38mins. Well done Sarah!

An exciting start to the new year

January 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

I know I’m a bit late but

Welcome to 2010!

I know we are only two weeks into the new year, but already some exciting things are happening in this brand shiny new year. As if snow wasn’t exciting enough eh!

Anyway, as you may (or may not) know I am a writer. I do copywriting from and I also write non-fiction articles and stories. I am also head of editorial at The Business Mums Journal. Recently I joined a new site for women who write called Judiths’s Room, following a tip-off from fellow tweeter @mumstheboss . If any of you like to write, even if it’s *only* a blog, I highly recommend a look, and thanks to Josie for setting it up.

My copywriting has been taking centre stage in my (work) life recently, and I have been doing some really interesting work for Marc P Summers and the lovely Annabel at Special Occasion Events, but tomorrow looks set to open a bigger chapter for me.

My friend Keira at Mamascarf forwarded a request to me for experts to join in the latest Guardian Careers forum chat as an expert, as the career under the spotlight this Friday is copywriting. And I was pleased and delighted to be chosen to sit on the panel, as someone who changed career (I was an accountant- boo hiss). For anyone who might be thinking of this kind of career, or if you just want to stand at the side and giggle at me, the ‘live’ section of the forum is from 12-3pm tomorrow, Friday 15th January and can be found here. Look forward to seeing you.

I have got loads coming up on my blog. No really! I am going to be looking at some Twitter competitions and freebies, like the lovely @CharlieMoos seed tag contest, and I will be reviewing beautiful hairclips from @childrensjewell and some skincare products via the super helpful Nikki Pilkington.

Loads to cram in, and we’re only half way through January!

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