The mumpreneur conference- Business Branding with Louise Lloyd (@BabySigningMum)

September 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

Welcome to the MumpreneurUK live blogging of the 2011 mumpreneur conference.

After a fantastic introductory ‘getting to know you’ round (we had a Cambridge boat race rower and belly button-free person on our table) the first seminar I am attending is about Business Branding by Louise Lloyd, better known to most as the branded Baby Signing Mummy.

A good place to start is what IS a brand, and do we need one? Branding helps customers and potential customers identify and recognise your brand. Louise had her brand name @babysigningmummy and wanted to develop her brand, as advised by Dragons in the Den to many uninvestables.

Louise explained that her logo grew out of the sign for mummy. It is a small child’s hand (Baby Signing Bella) on a daddy’s (Baby Signing Daddy) hand. She has traditional pink and blue baby colours and white background, and these colours are consistent across her website, promotional materials and information to reinforce the brand.  After already establishing a strong brand and strong brand identity, Louise then developed her actual real-live mascot (and daughter) Baby Signing Bella into an illustrated mascot to complement her brand and brand identity.

Louise also talked about the values behind her brand. Friendly, approachable, tailored to children, flexible, and the other complementary images and names that she has developed into a strong brand. She is now in the process of trademarking all her Baby Signing Mummy brand and is franchising/licensing her business. This makes it even more important to have concrete (written down!) brand values to ensure the integrity of the brand is protected.

So how do *you* build a brand? Ask yourself some questions first.

  • What do you want your brand to show or achieve? What are the values you want to be reflected in your brand?
  • Is your message clear? If people come to your website do they know what you are about?
  • Do your customers understand your brand? Existing customers are the best ambassadors for your business and most likely to get you new customers.
  • Do you have a recognisable feature? This could be a logo, a method, a mascot, a name, anything that is recognisably you and your business over any other.
  • Are you consistent in your approach/colours/message? If you are continuing your branding outside your website, particularly in social media, try to make sure you stay on-brand. If you send follow up messages, for example, and your brand style is friendly, make sure your follow up isn’t cold and impersonal.

To sum up, Louise says that a brand is not just one thing, it is a combination of process and product and should fundamentally represent you and your business.


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