The Mumpreneur Conference 2011- Dress to Impress

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

What conference filled with (mostly) women would be complete without a seminar about clothes? Dress to Impress with Beth Goodrham was all about dressing to impress yourself.

Beth (who looked absolutely stunning by the way) is no Trinny or Susannah. No one had to get naked and stare at themselves in a mirror, there was no prodding, poking or pointing out problem areas.  Beth as simply offering hints and tips aimed at inspiring you to try new things.

There are three key issues to think about when thinking about your wardrobe-Figure, Lifestyle and Budget. Whatever your clothing wants or requirements, they have to be practical for your life, and your style needs to take account of your body shape and your personality.

Mums particularly are apt to neglect themselves, or their wardrobes- too concerned with packed lunches, reading diaries and after-school clubs. Many mums feel that they have lost their way, in a purely sartorial sense of course.

So some tips, for dressing to impress- yourself:

Know your body shape- hourglass, apple, pear, column, inverted triangle, and take account of this when shopping.

The fit of your clothes is very important. Including underwear. The top three size sins are wearing clothes that are too small, wearing clothes that are too big and just buying the same size in every shop and for twenty years. Sies in most shops are now larger than they used to be and can vary significantly between different stores.

Play to your strengths. If you have great legs, wear a skirt. If you have a tiny waist- wear a belt instead of that voluminous top.

Take note of the length of  your clothes. Don’t highlight your worst bit. If you have a big bum, don’t wear a jacket that finishes on your widest part. Same goes for wobbly upper arms and cap sleeves or chunky calves and midi skirts or cropped trousers.

Distract people (including yourself) draw the eye somewhere else. Wear a bright necklace or sparkly shoes to take emphasis away from a mummy tummy for example.

Arm yourself with a capsule wardrobe and some key on-trend pieces per season. And Be Yourself!


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