What’s your number? And is it good or bad?

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

This weekend I came face to face with the boy who took my (eagerly volunteered) virginity. Of course he was no longer a boy, but a man, much as I was no longer that 16 year old girl, but in the 18 years since, he has changed hardly at all, while I would give my eye teeth to still be as I was then.

But seeing him (and hiding behind large sunglasses so he didn’t see me) got me thinking about my sex life. I’m not talking details here, but I am wondering whether the number of sexual partners I have had is reasonable or not? I don’t think it’s a particularly high number, given my age, but if I then consider I have been with my husband for ten years, it then gets slightly less respectable. If I then think that before I met my husband I was in long-term relationships for 5 years, am I on my way to becoming one of those girls?

I have never really considered myself as one of those girls, after all I am the nice girl who did NOT sleep with her husband-to-be on the first (or even the second) date, a fact which said husband later admitted would have probably meant our relationship was over sooner. Hypocritical bloke.

But given I am a ‘Generation X’ er, who is still supposed to living up the high-and-career life at the ripe of age of 34, surely the rest of my peers (and facebook does seem to confirm the trend among the majority of my school year) who are still on the market as it were will be well into double, if not triple figures by now. And is that OK, given their extra time on the pitch, or are they brazen women too?

Just wondering aloud, and would love your thoughts (no specifics needed!)


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