I need a KitKat!

January 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well when I say KitKat, I am actually referring back to the old “Have a break…” adverts, but if Nestle would like to send me a box of KitKats, I will gladly give them my address!

Do you ever have times when you literally don’t have time to catch your breath? I think life as a mum is busy anyway, but when you work from home and/or run your own business, things can get on top of you.

Everything I am doing at the moment seems to have a deadline of 31 January, and I feel like I haven’t stopped for the whole of January. I started the month finishing my tax thesis, have helped my Gran move 65 miles at age 88 and taken her shopping, to the doctors, fixed her bed, and have been so busy doing everyone else’s tax, I *still* haven’t done my own tax return. Aagh.

It’s not that I mind helping my Gran out, I just wish I had some extra time. I have worked until 11 or 12 every night for the past two weeks. I need that break! Just got to wait until Tuesday…

What do you do when you feel under pressure? Can you allow yourself some R&R time, or like me do you feeel obliged to sit at the coalface night and day chipping away in the hope you get there in time? Would love to know in the comments 😉


§ 2 Responses to I need a KitKat!

  • I am probably not the best person to ask. I tend to procastinate more when I know I had things to do – especially if it’s something I don’t want to do. Or I allow myself a break, go for a walk to clear my thoughts and come back, able to work more constructively.

    Failing that just head down til Tuesday,then chill for a few days?

    Good luck x

  • Wow, it sounds like you’ve got a really full plate at the moment! I don’t work as such but I edit a local newsletter and have various other projects with deadlines but luckily they’re spread out, so I can afford to switch off in the evenings most of the time. When I can’t I just have to get on with it but make sure I reward myself with lots of chocolate 🙂

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