Ten things from 2010

December 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

It’s that time of year again when people start blogging about how good/bad/indifferent the closing year has been to them. Not that I am one to jump on the bandwagon but I thought I would do a 2010 review, but in a slightly different way. So here we have it ten things, 5 good and 5 bad, about 2010 for your amusement and titillation…

The Good

1. being “unremarkable”

Last year was my annus horribilis, my husband was diagnosed with malignant melanoma out of the blue. Doctors have never been able to find the primary source (normally a bad mole) and it manifested as a huge lump in his armpit- if you consider that even when swollen, armpit lymph nodes are about the size of a large pea and one of his was the size of a plum, you can imagine how scary it was when we found out what it was. In late June last year, he had a substantial operation to remove all the lymph tissues under his left armpit. He was in intensive care for a week. We then began 12 months of, at best, a 50/50 chance of him surviving.

He now has regular check ups and a little while ago one scan showed he had an enlarged spleen. Blood tests were inconclusive and he was referred to a haemotologist. Much as it pains me to admit this, I am not actually medically qualified (!) and I confess I assumed this was just for additional blood tests (haemo = blood, right?). Unfortunately, the referral was for further tests to see if he had developed lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system). At the end of May this year he had another CT scan and the result was “unremarkable”. My show off husband has never been so pleased to be unremarkable in his life.

A month later and we made it past the crucial one year mark, and now 18 months after the operation his chances are improving all the time. So #1 has to be unremarkable.

2. Baby Signing Mummy

You may or may not know Louise Gibbs, aka Baby Signing Mummy (or @babysigningmum) on twitter, but you should. She now focusses full time on her baby signing business, but earlier this year she still worked as an allergy nurse. Other postings on this blog (and food allergy kitchen) tell the story of my 5 year old son, who was diagnosed with multiple allergies a few years ago.

A few months ago, Louise helped me get a referral to the specialist allergy and dermatological section at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and I can genuinely say she has changed my, and my small boy’s life. The intensive treatments and advice they gave us to control his eczema (it is not beaten yet, but much, much improved) have been a godsend. We are looking forward to our January appointment with much anticipation- on their advice we have already been able to reintroduce wheat to his diet which has made his food world so much brighter- he can have sandwiches for lunch like the other children at school. Further news on this is bound to follow, but for getting us there in the first place Louise, I can *never* thank you enough xx

3. The sibling rule

I don’t know whether this is the same across the country but here, siblings get automatic priority when allocating school places. As I had to apply for small girl’s school place this year, this magnificent rule meant I could smile and send the form back immediately. I did not have to agonise, worry, tear my hair out, read a million Ofsted reports and SATs results, prepare a matrix grid comparing relevant factors, attend open days and *still* be so nervous I have to wait up until midnight to find out about a school place…

4. twitter

I love twitter. But I don’t have a problem, honest! But let’s face it, working from home can leave you contemplating talking to the walls, and your postie has that haunted look in his eyes when he hands you that parcel just in case you get an attack of verbal diahorrea… Twitter is great for keeping you sane when you are alone, and this year I have found it absolutely superduper for meeting people. Real people in the flesh.

Tweeps I have met (in person) this year include @mumstheboss (both of them, thanks girls),  @babysigningmum @petweetpoppet @helenlindop @lesley_ss  and I have made some new twiends through the power of networking, people like @dovefarm @wholeself @wisegenius @heathertowns @booksbycarol @karmabirths @cambridgemummy. And not forgetting the lovely tweeps I got to see again, like @Clairey_W and @CharlieMoos and @Dynagirl *waves to all the tweeps*

5. family

small boy, small girl and slightly larger husband, I love you xx

The bad

1. Cancer

nuff said.

2. Not winning the Lottery

I’d do loads of good, honest.

3. The Pampers Unicef campaign

This annoys me because the multinational Plc Procter & Gamble who make Pampers donate 4.4 pence per pack sold to Unicef. Yes, the company that showed a net profit of $12.736 BILLION this year…

If you ask me you should buy Tesco/Asda/Boots nappies instead and donate some of the £2-4 price difference to Unicef instead. And in my experience, Tesco nappies hold more wee than Pampers anyway…

4. Age Concern/Help the Aged/AgeUK

Earlier this year, my husband and I came across an elderly lady waiting for a bus. At 1.30am. She was clearly confused and we took her home but she seemed unable to get in and (as we waited in the car to make sure she was in safe) then started wandering off around the streets again. In the end we called the police as we were concerned for her safety (it was very cold and she was carrying her handbag) and they made sure she was OK.

However, the following day, I was still concerned about her and wanted to see if there was any help for her out there. Now, I suspected there may be a dementia issue, but I did not *know* this. I did, however, know that she was old. So I rang my local AgeUK.

You may think that AgeUK are there to help the elderly. Apparently not. When I spoke to the singularly unhelpful lady on the telephone, and related the story and how I was concerned for her welfare and wondered if there was any outreach service, the reponse I received (verbatim) was “and what exactly would you like AgeUK to do about it?”.

I rang the Alzheimer’s Society instead who were much more helpful and directed me to Social Services who were able to help reassure me that the lady’s son was now involved in helping care for his mother.

Two points I take from this- give all your charitable donations to Alzheimers instead of AgeUK, and AgeUK might consider changing their name, on the basis that they are misrepresenting themselves to the public…

5. Stupid, petty, delusional, lying bitches

you know exactly who you are. And probably so do a lot of other people based on your track record of the same.

The Ugly

(it’s ironic isn’t it)

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂


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