When does the Christmas List get scary?

December 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Season’s greetings! This is more of a ponder really, and I am hoping that some of my lovely readers out there can help me out- at what point does the Christmas list become scary?

You see, at the moment I have small boy and small girl who are 5 and 3 respectively. Last year small boy wrote his sister’s Christmas list for her (bless), but this year she ‘wrote’ her own. So I duly posted two Christmas lists to The North Pole.

But my worry is not the list of Christmas past, or indeed that of Christmas present, but the list of Chrsitmas future…

This year’s lists were topped by one item each, neither of which cost more than £20. I am no millionaire, but I can manage that. But at what point do we start getting ponies, and XBoxes and bikes/cars/planes? Should I start saving now?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


§ One Response to When does the Christmas List get scary?

  • My family have always had a limit of £50 per person if you want something more expensive than that then it is a joint present. That is the rule and that is final. We then have a token gift for the tree but our main present is £50. It has always worked and everyone knows what the rules are.

    Hope you had a good Christmas xxx

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