Blogging and Cybermummy

December 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

OK, I’ll admit it. Normally I will blog about things that interest me, amuse me or infuriate me (one of this latter coming up very soon), and sometimes I will review products that I think are relevant to my audience, although given my honesty (see EZ Fort), these may end up being fewer and further between. However, with this post, I am genuinely after something…

Last year was the inaugural Cybermummy conference, and while I would have longed to have attended, I was actually supposed to be working (I write and lecture for a living) on a training course in Buckinghamshire. As it happened, the lecturing was cancelled at the last minute, but being suddenly quite considerably poorer meant I was still unable to attend Cybermummy.

As a result, this year I am starting early. I am still poor (!) so am sending out a plea to all PRs out there, to be filled with the spirit of Christmas and offer to sponsor me (and Mumazing) to go to Cybermummy 2011.

Why would your business want to be seen at Cybermummy (through me?)

Because Cybermummy will be packed to the rafters with well-known and up and coming bloggers. There will be people there who have had tea with the Prime Minister. Bloggers who have visited Bangladesh and been on BBC Breakfast. Bloggers who are just side-splittingly funny. And most (if not all) of them will be mums. If you have a product aimed at mums from pregnancy through to, well, annoying pre-teen, this would be a cheap, easy and modern way to reach your demographic, and hopefully become viral. That’s a good thing in social marketing terms (and doesn’t require Calpol. Or Nurofen for Children. hint hint)

Why pick me?

Because it would make me happy? Well, yes, but you barely know me so I can see that may not be top of your agenda. I am a professional writer, so (hopefully) am pretty good at it. My blog is gaining in readership all the time, and the *honesty* of my reviews mean it is being picked up by massive sites like the forum of MoneySaving Expert as a reliable source of review. I am also pretty shameless and will wear anything (well, almost anything) to help promote you as my sponsor.I will blog about you before and after the event, and mention your business throughout the day. I promise.

What do I want?

Well, the early bird price for a CyberMummy ticket is £82.65 (see here) and some help with travel costs would be appreciated, so a measly £100 would be such a great investment. Of course, if a hotel chain is interested in offering overnight accommodation too that would be even better…

Email me now (or preferably before 31 December 2010 to get the early bird rate) on


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