Tuesday Toy Review- Yummy Dough!

November 9, 2010 § 14 Comments

Have you ever heard of Yummy Dough? It is the stuff of imagination- playdough that you can cook and eat!

I was sent a packet of Yummy Dough to review, and now we are coming up to Christmas, it may be that unusual and novel gift idea you were looking for!

I have to say I approached the Yummy Dough with high expectations. I expected the dough to be the exact same consistency as playdough, and to be honest it wasn’t. To make the dough you simply need to add water, but it has to be an exact amount of water (measured with the supplied syringe). Even so, it was a little gooey for my liking. I have to say, my daughter (3) was completely unperturbed by the messiness but my son (5) did get a little weary of it sticking to his fingers after a while. Still, it was soft and malleable and you could combine colours and different bits to make interesting shapes and models. We had great fun and made some fab things, the best of which was (my) strawberry. I would love to show you a picture but unfortunately they were all scoffed very soon after emerging from the oven. They were pretty tasty I can tell you…

All in all, I was glad I got the opportunity to try Yummy Dough (and am eternally grateful to   for inventing the stuff of imagination), but would consider it an adventure in cookery rather than a true plaything. Mind you, I’m not sure you’d want to eat it if it had rolled around the carpet for a few days first…

Yummy Dough costs £7.49 and is available from Amazon (and other retailers)

Next Week’s Tuesday Toy review will look at EZ Forts

One lucky blog reader will get the chance to win a packet of Yummy Dough for themselves, although it would probably be kinder to share it with the children. A bit. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog and the winner will be picked by a randomiser next Tuesday, 16th November. Good luck!

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