Review : It’ Personalised Books

June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. I had always worried that a book with my child’s face plastered through it would be a bit odd. Creepy even. But when I was offered the opportunity to review a book, or rather my children were, I thought I should allow the target market to make the decision.

When the books arrived (and pretty speedily considering the level of detail involved) the children were delighted to get their own parcels, individually addressed. The books themselves were a massive 8″ square page format and the paper quality was amazing, glossy and thick, hardwearing and lovely to turn. As I found out, over and over again.

But what about those pictures? The children loved them. Small children are wonderful, cute and lovable, but they are also vain little monsters, so staring at page after page of story starring themselves? Heaven!

Lucy’s book was Lucy and Fairy Girl’s Unicorn Hunt, and contains various Bang on the Door characters as Lucy and Fairy Girl look for the lost Unicorn. Although the story was a little repetitive, this didn’t really matter to my 2 and three quarter year old, but an older child may be more easily bored. The only point I would make is that Lucy wanted to be the fairy, rather than a boring (cute) little  girl.

Joe’s book was SuperSox and the Vanishing Teddies, and I  kid you not, I can now recite the entire book off by heart we have read it so often. The book not only makes my little boy an actual superhero (which he already knew anyway) but  included so many personal details, the awe on his face when he read it those first few times was, well, awesome. The only criticism I would make is that I didn’t realise that the story involved the scurrilous theft of teddy bears, so the fact that Joe’s ‘teddy’ Jack the Crocodile looks suspiciously bear-shaped in the story did not escape an eagle-eyed small boy’s notice!

Overall, I will admit that I might not have bought these books unprompted, but if I were not lucky enough to have had review copies, I would now. The children love them, as they will tell you themselves…

Both Supersox (£17.50) and Fairy Girl (£19.99) books are available online from



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