Review- Motorola Digital Baby Monitor

May 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

As my babies are, unfortunately, not such babies anymore, this review was kindly done by Carol over at New Mummy. When you have finished reading mumazing cover to cover, why not pop over there?

Thanks Carol!

As a parent you always want to make sure that your child is safe and well, during the day it’s easy to keep an eye on them but at night it’s not so easy. I personally find baby monitors a good thing, they stop the guess work when your child is in bed, are they crying? Are they asleep?

I have used both analogue and digital monitors and have to say that I do prefer the digital ones. It’s not just that the sound is clearer but you don’t get any interference on the monitor, I found with the analogue one we had that you could hear the interference on both the parent and baby ends.

The Motorola Digital Baby Monitor (MBP10), is so simple to use. It takes about 5 minutes to set up and is ready to go straight away. The sound is clear and the lights on the front on the parent unit light up when you child makes a noise.
The parent unit can be plugged in to the mains or can run on battery power allowing you to move around the house with the monitor on you. If you go out of range then the unit will beep until the both units are linked back up.

It’s a simple monitor but does the job very well, I would recommend it. I had a little search at found it for  £26 on Amazonso it won’t break the bank- some Digital Monitors can be quite expensive.
Verdict? The Motorola Digital Baby Monitor is a great basic monitor at a reasonable price.

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