Seven things you didn’t know about me…

April 23, 2010 § 5 Comments

Memes are obviously like buses, I waited for ages and then two arrive in short succession. I am sure you have all already drooled over my Plastic Joy selections, but now we are down to more serious business, seven things you didn’t know about me.

I was tagged by the talented Helen over at Business Plus Baby, and although I am afraid of being far too dull and uninteresting, here are my seven things…

1. I was born on PancakeDay

2. I am completely and utterly phobic of moths. I struggle to even look at pictures of them. I think it’s the big fat hairy bodies. And the fact that they fly at my head.

3. I am a published author. Sort of. I have had two short stories published in anthologies, as well as magazines, and I (tragically) have photos of me buying the latest one in Waterstones…

4. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for WWII. During the war my Great Aunt Mary (still sprightly at 90 in Dudley) was in the Military Police, and one day she crossed paths with some soldiers returning on leave- she was getting off a boat in South Africa and one soldier, on his way home, asked if there was anyone from the Midlands. They exchanged names and each continued on their journey.

After arriving home, said young soldier called upon my great grandparents to say he had seen Mary and that she was well, and while there invited Mary’s younger sister to a party. At the party, the little sister (my Gran) met the soldier’s dashing younger brother (my Grandpa). And the rest is history!

5. I am the untidiest person I know. Seriously. Do you remember that Yellow Pages advert about being burgled? Happened to me. I am also the only person I know who was sacked by a cleaner for being unable to clean round the mess. I need help, so if anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE suggest away!

6. I have been mistaken for being French, by French people, twice.

7. I used to be a man called Dave*

So there you have it, my seven hard thought-out things that you didn’t, but now know about me.

Now I know this one has been around the block (the meme, not me) so with fingers crossed I am tagging:

Sandy over at Baby Baby

Amy at And1MoreMeans4

Carly at the *new* Mummys Shoes

Claire at the Snugbaby Blog

Karin at Cafebebe

Joanne at Mummy Moo’s Blog, and

Carol at the shiny Midlands Mums

* not strictly true. In fact not true at all, but I was running out of inspiration and at least it kept you on your toes!


§ 5 Responses to Seven things you didn’t know about me…

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