Plastic Joy. Oh joy!

April 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

Ladies and gentleman, my name is Sam and I am a virgin. A meme virgin that is- my two children are testament to my lack of chastity (but Dad, if you’re reading I only did it *twice*…)

Anyway, last week while enjoying a few days away my birthday buddy Sam over at keep calm eat cake tagged me in the plastic joy meme. In case you haven’t heard, this is the one where you get to mention the top five celebs that you, well, would.

So here we are, my famous five that I have had *great* fun coming up with, and I hope you find some new eye candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Number 1- Ray Stevenson

There was never any hesitation in my first choice. This is not someone whom I have just thought of for this meme, but rather someone my husband is already aware of. Having said that, I am not entirely sure whether it is Ray who is the object of my affection or Titus Pullo, the character he played in Rome. Come to think of it I also quite like Russell Crowe in Gladiator (but *only* in that) so maybe I have a thing for angry men covered in blood and wearing skirts. Still, if you’re reading Ray, I’d love to find out…

Number 2 – George Clooney

I never got the George thing while he was in ER. Perhaps I just don’t find scrubs that attractive. However, when I saw from Dusk til Dawn (a film I stayed up alone at a friend’s house watching after they had all gone to bed), he was mean, grubby not to mention THAT tattoo- in fact, I must confess to once colouring in my husband (to be at this point) ‘s arm and shoulder with marker pen trying to achieve the same effect…

Number 3 – Gerard Butler

Funnily enough, number three is also violent, blood spattered and semi naked. I am sensing a pattern. I had absolutely no interest in watching 300, assuming it was a silly boys film. It isn’t.

There is much Spartan flesh on show, but King Leonides is especially hunksome. If you haven’t seen the film, watch it, and come back and thank me for the recommendation!

Number 4- Hugh Jackman

I loved him in X Men, *really* loved him in Wolverine and he seems such a lovely chap too, the kind you could take home (if he weren’t happily married of course). And the muscles and jaw and stubble aren’t too shabby either. Woof woof.

Number 5- Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Most famous for being Henry VIII in the Tudors (hmm, historical and bloody again). Just look at the picture if you need further explanation.

So that’s my list, and my top five. In the true spirit of memes I now need to tag five people to share their desires. So my five ‘volunteers’ are:

Claire at the SnugBaby blog

Joanne at Mummy Moos blog

Helen at Business Plus Baby

Louisa at Dynagirl and

Carol over at New Mummy . Go Girls!


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