Networking works!

March 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

I am lucky enough to work from home, which means I can drop the children off at school (but not go to Tescos) in my jim jams. I am kidding, I have never done that. Yet.

Anyway, I know it’s a cliché but despite all the brilliantness of being a mumpreneur, it can get lonely with only your computer for company, and that, as well as being a prescient businesswoman (!), is what led me to seek out some networking opportunities.

There are a number of online venues for networking, besides the obvious, including some specifically aimed at mums in business, like mumsclub. I have ‘met’ loads of people in a similar postion there, and there is always someone about to offer advice or support. Similar groups around the country actually get to meet in person, and besides the mums business clubs, which offer networking in Wacky Warehouses, I wish I lived in Bedfordshire or Dorset so I could be a member of MumsTheBoss or Networking Mummies Dorset, with the fantabulous events they put on.

Which gives me a seamless link to the most obvious online networking venue, Twitter. Through Twitter I have not only made some great ‘proper’ friends, like @Claire_Snugbaby and @CharlieMoos, both of whom I have actually met, even though they have the inconvenienceof living at opposite ends of the country (seriously, we are talking Scottish borders and the South coast). I have also made some great virtual friends, who I may have never *actually* met, but whom I *talk* to more than any actual live people, I’m thinking of you in particular @mumstheboss @seriouslykooky @nickicawood. I have also made some fantastic business contacts, like @duncanbannatyne @emmawimhurst @karenpine and actually gained some really good work directly from Twitter or Twitter recommendations. Who says it’s a waste of time? People who don’t give anything aren’t going to get anything out of it!

And so now, partly through Twitter again, I am tentatively dipping my toe into a vast new community, far bigger than I had imagined, of bloggers. The massive success of @erica ‘s #guestpostday on littlemummy last Friday just showed how many fantastic bloggers there are out there to get to know. Clearly you will all have read my guest @sandycalico ’s post right here, but I highly recommend you check out the rest.

So now, from my computer I am not alone, I can contact hundreds of people in seconds. Thanks guys 🙂


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