My week in the Nationals…

February 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

As you may know, I am almost famous.

My week in the National press started on Friday 29th January, when I responded to a media request (I get access to them through premium membership of looking for female breadwinners for an article in the Sunday Times.

The journalist emailed me back and asked if I would do a telephone interview and if they could take some family shots on Saturday morning. How exciting! I duly had my interview with Georgia, spoke to the Sunday Times picture editor and then spoke to the photographer (who lived by my Gran).

Saturday morning came, and my husband, the children and I preened, posed and pouted for the camera for about an hour. I even managed to cope with my hair straighteners packing up on me and ironed my hair instead. Only kidding.

Sunday morning came and there was the article. Unfortunately I was clearly too ugly, as none of the six thousand pictures we had posed for was in the article. And my 15 minute interview was condensed to about an inch of print. Still, I had a name check (although they didn’t say I was a writer boo). Even more excitingly, the article was picked out in a review of the days papers on both Sky News and the BBC’s Andrew Marr show. If only I had been pretty enough/had twins/worked in PR like the other lady I would have been on the BBC (again!).

So then in was Monday 1st February and I was yesterday’s news. Until my friends Claire, Keira and Jane all suggested I follow up a new media request for the same story but for the Daily Express. I was sceptical- surely they wouldn’t want me again? Er apparently they did! Another telephone interview ensued and another big photoshoot on Tuesday. The article appeared in Friday’s paper and guess what, I am not too ugly for the Express! Although not included online, the actual paper had a lovely picture of me and my husband (it was actually the very last picture the photographer had taken and we had just been snapping outside so my hair was going frizzy, but let’s not mention that). I even managed to ‘accidentally’ get my copy of Emma Wimhurst’s book BOOM! and my husband’s paintings in the picture too. Go me!

But what am I going to do this week to prolong my 15 minutes? Answers on a postcard… 🙂


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