Look it’s Morph!

January 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Come on, you must be old enough to remember the cheeky orange chappie with his friend Chas who were the eighties’ precursor to Wallace and Gromit?

My sister bought me a make-your-own Morph for Christmas, and after the high-pressure world of live Guardian web forums yesterday, I thought I needed something fun to do today. Originally I had planned to do it with the children, but they were soon elbowed out of the way (they didn’t mind, they were watching a DVD of 15 Morph episodes included in the pack)

So here it is, my plasticine modelling debut, and it only took me about an hour 😉 …

Now I know it is a very amateur attempt, but if you’ve had a few beers, have lost your specs and squint slightly you could, maybe, possibly see the resemblance?

And I am duty bound to also include a picture of my 4 year old’s version (which took him a considerably shorter time) …

What do you think? Will I have Ardmann on the phone on Monday morning? Asking me to stop ruining plasticine models?!!


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