crash bang wallop

November 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

I am not a grumpy old fuddy duddy. Well, I don’t think I am.sparkler

Nevertheless, this last weekend’s frivolities have certainly dampened my normally chirpy demeanour. Why is it that, when it gets dark at 5pm, people in my immediate locality decide to wait until 10pm, 11pm or even later to set off the loudest fireworks they can find? Fireworks after 11 are actually illegal I am sure. I could certainly feel a citizen’s arrest coming on last Saturday night.

Now, mildly irritating as I find the bangs and whoops, it is not for me that I have mounted this high horse, but for my little boy. He is four and for the past week has been up practically every night scared at all the bangs and cracks seemingly whistling past his window (although it has to be said his 2 year old sister hasn’t been disturbed- probably can’t hear over the sound of her own snoring. No I am NOT kidding). And what is the point of the bangs anyway? Surely you are supposed to stand in your freezing cold garden staring at the sky until you get a stiff neck saying “ooh” and “aah”, rather than flinching at the richochet of a bullet?

Ah well. Hopefully it is all over now until next year. Or maybe we should all move to Australia where fireworks are banned…


§ 2 Responses to crash bang wallop

  • Well, I have to say I too get fed up with fireworks…and I’m not a grump either! When I was a child fireworks happened on the 5th November – that was it. Now it seems the weekend before and after (and the week during) are all fair game. Oh, and Christmas & New Year…

    Sarah x

  • Claire says:

    Yep, my poor puppy was scared out of her wits on Friday. Off she trotted into the garden for an early evening wee, and was just doing her stuff, when a *huge* rocket went off! Not what you need, when you are going about your business, so to speak.

    DS1 loves the idea of them but quickly gets scared of the noises. Silent fireworks would be a fab idea – you should patent that!

    Claire x

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